The Extras. What To Expect At Your All Inclusive Resort

It is not a perfect all inclusive world. All inclusive doesn’t mean what you think. There are extras at virtually all inclusive resorts you will vacation at. This section of our web site originally meant to give you a heads up about what is not included, took a turn to look at the downside of all inclusive vacation. It seemed to fit here best. Read the fine print in the brochure before you book . Need a brochure. Call us or email us and we will send you one for free.

All inclusive will have some extras charges especially for some activities. Water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling trips outside of the resort will cost extra. Generally any motorized water activities will cost more. You will pay for any tours outside a resort as well. Remember it is your choice.

Beware of resort tours though. Resort tours may be nothing more than a disguised hard sale for time shares. Many of the resort hotels, almost a quarter by our count in Cancun and Aruba, sell times shares. Frankly many push the time share sales pitch too hard. Although not mandatory, the time share presentation can be a hard sale presentation. Some clients reported to us that the presentation was something that they were tricked into going to, after making an inquiry about food and entertainment at the guest services desk.

Unlimited drinks may be limited. Lines at the bar can be a problem. Drinks are unlimited at the all inclusive resorts, but the selection may be local, not top shelf brands. Even the resorts that advertise premium liquor require you to ask for it and the variety may be limited. Because the drinks are unlimited, clients have reported long lines at bars short staffed by a lone bartender. We have never run into the long line problem during our visits to the all inclusive resorts but can see where problems can result during heavily traveled times.

Unlike other vacations an all inclusive vacation, especially at the big resorts, are designed to keep you at the resort. Considering that most all inclusive resorts are foreign own, much of the money earned does not end up in the local economy. Certainly the resort helps with employment. Your money may not go to the locals. This is a concern for some travelers. An argument can be made that this can be bad for the local economy. Our belief is that the resorts as a whole are in fact good for the local economy as the continuing more sophisticated travelers venture outside the resort gates.

Finally, peace and quiet may not be found. Timing can be everything. Expect busier resorts during Christmas and spring breaks. Do your homework or trust your travel advisor. Couples only resorts are great for honeymoons. Don’t plan your honeymoon at a family friendly resort if you don’t want to see kids in the pool. Avoid spring breaks if drunken college kids are not your cup or tea. Many higher end resorts limit occupancy and ban spring breakers. Do your homework before selecting your resort.

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