All Inclusive Rooms Views and Complaints. What To Expect.

The first thing we noticed about the majority of the all inclusive rooms we have stayed in is no carpeting. Hard tile floors are customary. The Ritz Carlton was the exception. The popularity of the all inclusive concept is such that their Ritz Carlton Montego Bay resort is now offering a modified all inclusive plan starting at $379.00 a night per person. I guess the proximity to the beach and the tracking of sand up to your room rule out carpeting. Don’t drop your beer bottles in your room.

Standard hotel rooms rule. Expect double or king size beds. Cable television. Hair dryer. Ironing boards. In room safe. Many resorts charge for use of the safes. Bathrooms with showers. Many resorts offer suites with living room arrangements. Mini bars are free commonly.

The view is king. In our travel all inclusive world the view is everything. Expect to pay more for an ocean view versus a garden view. We believe that the ocean view can be a little over rated. Understand that the garden view room and the ocean view room are identical in terms of furnishing and amenities. Ocean views are the sizzle. Our clients have certain romantic visions of watching the sunset from their ocean view room balcony. We can’t fault them for it. We just prefer romantic sunset walks on the beach and pocketing the difference in room price for souvenir shopping. If you are on a budget, always choose the garden view room.

Some resorts have done much to upgrade their accommodations. The Secrets Excellence chain junior suites, for example, now feature four poster canopy beds, Jacuzzi for two, and separate shower facilities.

Rule one is you get what your pay for. More expensive resorts have a higher standard. If you plan on spending much time in your room, splurge on a better resort. However, if you plan on just sleeping in your room, consider the all inclusive resort that emphasizes activities over room amenities. An older all inclusive resort just cannot compete with the newer, larger properties. An older resort is still not a bad choice however. We look for resorts that have been recently renovated. This information is readily available on our web site. See our rating the resorts page.

We always demand clean rooms. If you are ever dissatisfied with your room, for whatever reason, make your concerns known immediately with the front desk staff management. If they cannot make better arrangements within a reasonable amount of time, you have options. Most all inclusive vacations are booked through an American vacation company such as Apple. Apple Vacations employs on site representatives to help you during your vacation. These representatives can move mountains if necessary. If you booked your vacation with one of these companies don’t hesitate to contact their on site representative. The all inclusive resorts rely upon these companies to sell their rooms, so they may have the clout you don’t have. All major resorts today are part of a larger company. Many times upper management is just a toll free telephone call away. In any case, always appeal to upper management for solutions to your problems, don’t rely on the first no.

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