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Vacation Discount. Making Sure You Get The Best Price On Your Next All Inclusive Vacation

Vacation Discount....Why pay full price? We believe that the less money you spend getting there and staying there, means more money to spend while you are there.

We want to make sure you have found the best all inclusive discount vacation. We have discovered four ways to make sure that you have found the best all inclusive discount vacation.

Travel agents are a great source of discounts

Why would an internet site recommend that you call a travel agent?

Get over the idea of great online deals that somehow travel agents can't get says travel writer Ed Perkins: Travel agents, like our mother ship Planet Travel, can get anything you can get for yourself. "But they also have sources the typical consumer doesn't: deals limited to computer reservation systems (CRS) that the public can't access; cruise and tour deals distributed directly to agencies or through their consortium; and often the best consolidator airfares. In general, agents have the least leverage with airfares; the most with cruises and tours."

Online booking can take lots of time, Perkins says, "I do this stuff for a living, and I still find it sometimes takes two or three hours to zero in on the best option for a given trip. There's a reason so many businesses use travel agencies: If you value your time, a 10-minute call to an agent will get you what you'd take hours to find."

Love them vacation companies

Vacation companies buy travel in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Each day these vacation companies are selling hundreds of vacation packages. Because of the nature of their business,they are able to negotiate a better deal then we can get on our own. Although, online giants like Expedia and Orbitz have tried to get into the package business lately, they have not been able to offer the savings that vacation companies have been able to offer for the same properties at the same time the majority of the time. We have made it easy to compare prices, just click on our links page to make the pricing comparison between Orbitz and Funjet Vacations, 90 % of the time, the later will beat the price of the former.

Love those charter flights...even if its a little cramped

One of the reasons that the vacation companies can offer better vacation discounts is their charter flights. A charter flight is nothing more than a non stop flight to your destination arranged by the vacation company. Charter flights are cheaper than regular scheduled air. So if you want to maximize your vacation discount, go the charter flight route. And yes they can get a bit cramped. No first class on the plane, just maximized seating. Getting there can be a bit uncomfortable. For a full discussion of the pros and cons of charter flights see our "The best way to book your all inclusive vacation" page link left.

Don't travel when everybody else is traveling

The joys of off season traveling are many. Fewer crowds, less traffic, no lines and prices plummet. In our all inclusive world the summer is the best time to find bargains. If you are looking for a real bargain avoid high season which is mid December through mid April. The week between Christmas and New Years can be especially tough on your travel pocket book. Traveling off season means it is easier to get upgrades. Consider the advantage of getting extra special attention while you are traveling. Whether it’s restaurant reservations, resort amenities, or nearby attractions, nothing beats cutting the line, or better still – eliminating the line altogether when traveling off season. So try the best restaurant and receive special attention, pick your favorite tee-time, and book a spa treatment when you want it. Also, be sure to get in with the resort’s concierge by asking advice on local attractions. With less people strolling through the hotel lobby, you’re sure to get the extra attention that you deserve.

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