All Inclusive Vacations Mexico. What makes it special

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It is roughly an 80 mile strip of land below Cancun, the Riviera Maya once was sleepy collection of thatched roof cabanas or small huts. It is what all inclusive vacations Mexico special.

Things have changed. Resorts like the Maya Tulum have sprouted up and seem to be growing by the day. Families especially have benefited by the new growth of resorts. The Riviera Maya was virtually untouched by the recent hurricanes. The resorts are really just like a cruise ship that doesn’t move. Close to the Maya ruins, add water parks and aquariums and great clear, calm warm waters of the Caribbean and you have the combination for a great family vacation that includes swimming and sightseeing.

The Bahia Principe Tulum is part of a complex including the Tulum and Akumal hotels. The resort includes two towering lobbies, included theaters, gyms and buffets linked together by golf cart trains to your hotel room. Pools are everywhere with the mandatory swim up bars. Strolling mariachi bands serenade you at dinnertime.

Try to visit during the off peak times. Mid May through June and September through October are our recommendation. The weather cooperates too. Expect less heat and humidity and hurricane season hasn’t started yet.

Xcaret is a water park, aquarium, private beach and a place to swim with the dolphins all rolled into one place. Other similar parks are also located in the Riviera Maya. You can discover pools filled with sharks and turtles. You can float down the river and through caves. Great fun.

The Tulum ruins are close. Part of a walled port city that was abandoned abound 1500 stands above the ocean, the ruins are located above the Caribbean with a long stair case that winds it way down to the beach.

According to USA Today travel "Mexico has long been a favorite vacation destination for families because of its close proximity to the United State and its plentiful resort areas. Families that are looking for the ultimate beach vacation will find luxury all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and those that are budget-conscious will find that choosing an all-inclusive resort can save them money while giving them the opportunity to accurately budget for their trip to Mexico."

Our Suggestions for All Inclusive Mexico Resorts and What Makes Them Special

Palace Resorts

One of the original all inclusive resorts and still one of the best. Palace resorts have recently added a family based activity center called the Little Big Club. It features such PBS "allstars" as Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and Angelina Ballerina. Various activity centers are geared toward each character.

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